Mayor Thomas P. Koch Enhances Fire Safety in Quincy: Four Ladder Companies Activated for the First Time Since 1989

In a landmark decision reflecting years of dedicated effort, the City of Quincy, under the leadership of Mayor Thomas P. Koch, announced an essential enhancement to the local fire department. For the first time since 1989, Quincy will be served by four fire department ladder companies, thanks to strategic manpower increases approved by Mayor Koch.

A New Ladder Company for Quincy: Safety and Protection at the Forefront

Starting on July 1, a ladder company will be activated at the Houghs Neck firehouse, ensuring that every corner of the City is within 2.5 miles of a ladder company. This achievement sets Quincy apart; few departments around the Commonwealth are actively increasing service. The addition of the new ladder is a testament to years of collaboration, hard work, and financial improvements guided by Mayor Thomas P. Koch.

Mayor Koch expressed his commitment, saying, “Our residents deserve nothing less than the very best fire department in the Commonwealth, and I think we already have it. This measure will increase the protection of our residents – and importantly – increase the safety of our firefighters.”

Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s Vision for Quincy Fire Department

The long-term plan laid out by Mayor Koch is to place one of the ladder companies at the West Quincy firehouse. This strategic move ensures all corners of the City are flanked by full engine and ladder companies. Under this structure, the department’s Rescue One vehicle, responding to every major incident across Quincy, will be located at the Wollaston firehouse – the geographical center of the City. The ladder company currently at Wollaston will move to West Quincy.

Preparing for the Future: Renovations in West Quincy

Major renovations to the West Quincy firehouse will be needed to accommodate a ladder engine. The plans are in the preliminary stages, as officials are working closely with Mayor Koch to enhance Quincy’s safety and responsiveness.

Join Mayor Thomas P. Koch in Building a Safer Quincy

Under the stewardship of Mayor Thomas P. Koch, Quincy continues to set standards for community safety and wellbeing. This monumental step towards fire safety is part of Mayor Koch’s unwavering commitment to the people of Quincy, reflecting his vision for a city that’s resilient, safe, and cared for.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates on Mayor Koch’s initiatives for Quincy, and join us in celebrating this significant advancement in public safety.