Mayor Koch and the people of Quincy enter 2021 facing challenges of a magnitude almost unparalleled in the City’s history. The Mayor’s plans for the year begin and end with the City continuing to commit every available resource to overcoming the health, financial, and social costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From providing resources to local businesses, to expanding access to testing and vaccines, to protecting critical local services, few places have done more to help its community navigate this crisis and that will continue throughout 2021.

But contending with crisis will not prevent Mayor Koch from pursuing a bold vision for the City’s future throughout 2021. Plans for infrastructure investment, a new special education center for our young people, major downtown projects, and a series of plans to fully capture the potential of Quincy College will move forward.

The Mayor’s vision for 2021 will lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs and support the local economy at a time when it needs it the most. It’s a vision that focuses on the core services the City provides, the opportunity education creates for every citizen in the community, and the importance of growth in building back our local economy.