“Serving as Mayor is the honor of my life, and I’m still as passionate about the job and our beloved City today as when we launched our first campaign. Our work is not done, and together we can keep Quincy moving in the right direction.”

–Mayor Tom Koch

Mayor Tom Koch’s Vision for Quincy: Strong Schools, Thriving Economy, and Safe Streets

Under Mayor Tom Koch’s leadership, the City of Quincy is witnessing an era of unprecedented growth and development. Strong schools, safe streets, and long-term investments in public assets have become the cornerstone of our community, shaping Quincy’s bright future.


Sound Fiscal Health: A Testament to Mayor Koch’s Leadership

Revenue from Quincy’s growth, along with Mayor Koch’s historically strong financial management, has enabled significant investments in schools, roads, historic preservation, and infrastructure—all without harming the City’s fiscal health. Single-family home tax bills in Quincy remain below the state average, and the City is more than $40 million below the property tax limit as set by the state. Unlike many neighboring communities, Quincy has not needed to raise taxes beyond Proposition 2.5 limits, showcasing Mayor Tom Koch’s prudent governance.


Mayor Tom Koch’s Commitment to Education

Mayor Tom Koch’s dedication to education is unparalleled, leading to an unmatched high school graduation rate among cities of Quincy’s size. Mayor Koch has increased classroom spending to nearly $50 million, far exceeding the state average, and ensuring that Quincy Public Schools remain a beacon of excellence.

Historic Renewal of Quincy’s School Facilities

An essential part of Mayor Koch’s commitment to education is the historic renewal of the City’s school facilities. Working closely with state leaders, Mayor Koch has secured over $140 million in grant funding, covering more than 70% of construction costs for major projects. This includes 3 new schools, a 4th under construction, and a 5th in the pipeline.

A Revitalized Downtown and Growing Local Economy

For the first time in over a generation, Quincy’s downtown has become a driving force behind the local economy. Ongoing redevelopment, championed by Mayor Koch, is producing millions of dollars in new revenue, creating thousands of jobs, and transforming the area into a vibrant community gathering place and an economic powerhouse. Mayor Koch’s vision extends beyond the downtown, fostering new growth in Wollaston Center, where numerous reutilization projects are in the works.

Join Mayor Tom Koch in Building Quincy’s Future

Mayor Tom Koch’s vision for Quincy encapsulates a community where education thrives, the economy blossoms, and streets are safe. His strategic investments and careful planning are creating a legacy for generations to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mayor Koch’s initiatives, and join us in making Quincy a city that stands as a model for growth, safety, and prosperity.